Workshops for Organisations

Having worked in the City for over a decade, I understand the challenges that corporate employees face on a daily basis. Poor eating habits and lifestyle choices serve only to compound the impact of a busy day at the office, leading to an unhappy and unhealthy workforce.

My workshops are loaded with information, tips and recipes to help you and your team perform at your optimum best. Food has a direct impact on cognitive performance and you will be surprised to see how intelligent meal choices can make a difference in your employee’s life at work and at home.

A 60-90 minute nutrition and wellness workshop will empower your team to take control of their health, helping them increase their energy levels and concentration and improving their mood and sleep. It’s a win win for all!


Workshops For Schools

Did you know that food affects the way children behave and learn? Did you also know that teaching children about nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating and living will not only positively impact their lives now but will benefit them for years to come?

I have devised age-specific 60-minute presentations illustrating what children ‘go through’ in these important years, the best foods for them as well as lifestyle choices that will form the foundations for their wellbeing.

Please contact me for full details on the workshops.