My aim is to work with you in order to get to the root cause of what may have triggered your symptoms and what continues to drive them, based on the information you give and the results of any tests you do. I look at the person as a whole as we are not merely bodies with functions but beings who are impacted by our environment and our interactions with others.

I will help you improve your inherent healing powers that may have been compromised because of the effects of physical and emotional stresses on you.

I will formulate a nutrition plan that is specific to you, because you are unique, and because what may work for you may not be ideal for another.

 I will recommend supplements, where appropriate, to help support the systems that are compromised and to correct functional deficiencies.

Wellbeing also means emotional, mental and spiritual health, and we will work together to find what is best for you.

 My ultimate goal is to empower you by educating you so that you may cultivate a sense of wellbeing in order to ultimately nurture yourself the way you were meant to be nurtured and to help you take control of your risk factors to prevent disease occurring in the first place.  Find out More.


Areas that we can work on Together

Cancer: The cancer process starts long before the formation of a tumour or diagnosed disease. Complementary alternative care can be appropriate from prevention through to late stage illness. I work with some of the best cancer health professionals, where appropriate. 

Cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome: Prevention and support through appropriate meal plans and weight management, exercise, lifestyle as well as supplements, in collaboration with your specialist doctor, where appropriate.

 Food sensitivities and allergies: Identify the triggers that bring on gut-related discomfort as well as skin irritations, inflammation, joint pain, mood swings, fatigue, sinus congestion among others and help you detoxify your body and create a treatment plan that will keep you healthy. 

Gastrointestinal health: Our gut is at the forefront of our health. Compromised digestive health means that complications in other parts of the body are likely because of an impaired immune system, improper food intake and poor nutrient absorption. We will identify and correct your digestive condition by addressing the root cause of your symptoms.

Hormones and fertility: Specific hormone testing will be carried out to help identify your personal risk factors to develop a program to ensure your optimal hormone health.

Stress and fatigue: Chronic stress, if left untreated, weakens the immune system and can lead to serious health issues. A program will be created specifically for you to help your body respond to stress and fatigue more efficiently by optimising your central nervous system health and providing appropriate therapies, and working with other health professionals, where required.

Eat Plant-Based Foods

Reconnect with Nature

There is strong evidence that a plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse some of the top diseases that afflict our society. Why not start by having plant-only days every week and work towards including more and more plant-only days in your life?

I am happy to talk to you more about how you can improve your health by adopting a plant-based diet, even if occasionally. I will give you tips on what to shop for and where. I will also provide you with a tailor-made nutrient-dense plant-based menu together with delicious recipes. Book an appointment here.

Keeping your stress levels under control has to be an ongoing commitment. Unfortunately, most people's method of dealing with life's stresses is to over-eat, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, spend more time indoors in front of screens, and resort to self-destructive habits in general, which perpetuates the vicious-cycle.

Let me propose strategies which work for you to help you nurture yourself. You can start by spending more time in the outdoors and by learning to reconnect with nature. There are, however, a myriad of options which can help you and I am happy to explore with you which works best for you. Book an appointment here.