Eat plant-based foods

There is strong evidence that a plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse some of the top diseases that afflict our society. Why not start by having plant-only days every week and work towards including more and more plant-only days in your life?

I am happy to talk to you more about how you can improve your health by adopting a plant-based diet, even if occasionally. I will give you tips on what to shop for and where. I will also provide you with a tailor-made nutrient-dense plant-based menu together with delicious recipes. Book an appointment here.



Reconnect with Nature

Keeping your stress levels under control has to be an ongoing commitment. Unfortunately, most people's method of dealing with life's stresses is to over-eat, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, spend more time indoors in front of screens, and resort to self-destructive habits in general, which perpetuates the vicious-cycle.

Let me propose strategies which work for you to help you nurture yourself. You can start by spending more time in the outdoors and by learning to reconnect with nature. There are, however, a myriad of options which can help you and I am happy to explore with you which works best for you.