When you book an appointment, I will email you a health questionnaire to complete and send back to me, which I will analyse prior to the consultation.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, I will take a full case history and encourage you to talk about your health concerns and provide information on your dietary habits, lifestyle, medical and family history. I will work with you to try to find the root causes for your health concerns. I will then try to assess where any imbalances may lie and will propose effective diet and lifestyle plans, and might recommend professional-grade nutritional supplements, if required. In some cases, it may be necessary to investigate a particular health issue further via a specific biochemical test which will be done through a clinical laboratory I work with. I am also happy to work in conjunction with your GP or other health provider to recommend or receive testing you have already completed. I will send your plan and any supplement recommendation after the consultation, by email.

Initial Consultation 90mins
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Follow up | 45mins
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During the follow up, we will review the progress and what worked/did not work for you.  I will review your test results which I will explain to you in full, where appropriate. We will assess your progress and any issues which may have arisen since our last appointment. I will then make necessary changes to your plan based on the follow-up findings and the test results. I recommend between 2 and 4 follow-up consultations, as required. 

If you are unable to see me in person, we can arrange to have the above consultations by Skype, at the same price as the face-to-face consultations. 

My fees reflect the amount of work involved, which includes the face-to-face consultation as well as the time I spend researching your concerns and devising a tailor-made therapeutic plan. The fees cover the consultation, your therapeutic plan and any appropriate handouts, as well as simple queries relating to your plan following the consultation. Any recommended supplements and laboratory tests are additional. Payment can be made by cash or cheque, as well as by credit or debit card.

Please notify me at least 24 hours before your appointment if you are unable to attend. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are charged at 50% of the consultation fee. Missed appointments are charged at the full consultation fee.